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The treatment day

A HST hair transplantation usually takes place in one day of treatment.

During the procedure, you are in the care of our dedicated specialists. Our assistants will take care of the rest of your day: a lovely lunch, hotel, taxi services, relaxation. Anything you need to make your treatment a pleasant experience.

We want you to leave our clinic feeling happy and content.

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What your day will look like


We start by taking photographs and applying local anesthesia in the donor area. After that we start harvesting the grafts. You won’t feel anything, all we ask is your patience. You will be mobile all day, not influenced by of any sedatives. You can make phone calls or stretch your legs whenever you want.


Lunch & afternoon

Once the harvesting is finished the physician will mark the reception area after which we offer you a lunch of your choice. In the afternoon, after applying a mild local anaesthetic, our technicians start placing the grafts in the reception area.


After treatment

After the transplantation is completed, the doctor will do a complete check-up and we take a few more
photographs. You will be given instructions and products for the after-care.

Neither the treatment nor the medication affect your ability to drive, which means you are perfectly capable of driving home yourself after the procedure.

Extracting the grafts

treatment day HST extraction grafts

Preparation before treatment

Before we start treatment, photos will be taken for your patient file. Then, the donor area is isolated with tape and shaved. The best results are obtained by shaving the entire head. For aesthetic reasons, this is rarely done in women.

Extracting the grafts

After the donor area is shaved, a superficial anaesthetic is applied, so you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the technician will start extracting the grafts. You can ask for a break whenever you need it. Once the grafts are extracted, you are offered a nice lunch by Hair Science Clinic.

Placing of the grafts

Putting the grafts back in the treatment area

Mild anaesthetic

After the lunch break, again photos are taken and a disinfectant cream is applied to the donor area. You will confirm the desired receptor area one more time with the physician before the area is marked and anaesthetic is applied.

Watching the process

Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the doctor starts preparing the reception area for the new grafts by making tiny holes. You can watch the process in the mirror. After the preparation, the entire scalp is washed. The grafts are implanted by either two technicians or a doctor and a technician. Usually two people work together to implant the grafts.


Once all grafts are in place, new photos will be taken for your patient file. You will then be given instructions for after-care, such as medication to use and how to wash your hair.

Optimal recovery

During the days following the procedure your skin will recover. We will give you pointers and advice for optimal recovery and result. Should you doubt the progress of your recovery or should you experience side effects, please feel free the contact us at any time. We are stand-by in case you need us.

Lifelong result

The results of HST are permanent. The transplanted hair follicles continue to produce hair for the rest of your life.

It is the most effective treatment for making hair denser and giving it more volume. The grafts extracted are ultra-small to ensure a high hair density and natural-looking implant.

Final result after 9-12 months

Results are not immediately visible but take some time to develop. Recovery time differs from person to person. The transplanted hair follicles start to grow new hairs 3-4 months after the treatment.

The optimum result of the hair transplantation will develop over a period of 9-12 months.


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Extra service

We will go the extra mile to make your treatment day a pleasant one. For example by taking care of arrangements around your treatment, like hotel reservations and transportation.

Is the distance from your home to our clinic in London at least 150 km? Then we will include overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Need help? Let us know.

For bookings and reservations, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.