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Hair transplantation for men

Experiencing hair loss is very unpleasant to most men. Whether this manifests itself as thinning hair, a widow’s peak, a receding hairline, a bald crown or beard bald spots. In many cases the sophisticated, patented HST-method for hair transplantation is a permanent solution to restore a natural head of hair.

Get a professional diagnosis

Male pattern hair loss often seems to be due to a combination of genetics and circulating androgens, particularly DHT. But baldness can have all kinds of causes. For that reason, a good diagnosis in advance is very important when choosing a hair transplant.

In a free consultation our medical doctors will make an extensive assessment of your personal situation. Together we will discuss both your health status and wishes. Based on this medical diagnosis we will offer you a detailed treatment plan.


The natural look

The gold standard for men’s hair transplants is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST). Of all the options for hair transplants the ophisticated HST method gives the best, most natural result. The harvested grafts are very small, ensuring dense hair implant and natural result that lasts a lifetime.

HST uses the power of nature by drawing on the capacity for regeneration of human stem cells. What is unique about this innovative technique is that only a small part of the hair follicle, instead of the entire follicle, is harvested from the donor area.

One follicle, multiple hairs

This is a small miracle: this regenerative capacity can result in multiple hairs from one single graft (hair follicle). The new grafts are placed closely together, which creates high hair density and a beautiful, natural-looking hairline.

schedule Hair Stem Cell transplantation

Extra boost

A special, patented preservation solution stimulates growth and increases the viability of the grafts by giving them an extra boost. This integrated approach is the basis of our sophisticated hair transplantation method which promotes the growth of hair in the receptor area and donor area. HST hardly leaves bald spots or scars on the back of the head. This way, any follow-up transplants remain possible.

Widow' peak & receding hairline

Hair loss at the temples is often the first sign of baldness in men. These before and after photos show the restoration of the original hairline with a HST hair transplantation. The appearance is restored but not the full hair cover. Whether the whole area can be treated depends on the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area.


HST hair transplant | 1650 grafts

A natural hairline

Reconstructing a natural hairline is key. A common mistake is creating a hairline that looks unnatural or too sharp and does not suit the face. The result is successful when, without knowing the previous hair situation, you do not see that someone has had a HST hair transplant.


HST hair transplant | 2433 grafts

Satisfied clients

Patient-Related Outcome Measures (PROM´s) are extremely important in medical treatments. A study of patients who were treated with the HST method found that their quality of life improved significantly after treatment.


HST hair transplant | 1404 grafts


HST hair transplant | 1450 grafts


Improved quality of life

Every client has his own story and motivation for undergoing a hair transplant. A beautiful head of hair not only determines your appearance, but also your self-confidence.


HST hair transplant | 1400 grafts


Lifelong result

Permanent, natural results in both the transplanted and donor area are important indicators for a successful hair transplant. Every client has their own motivation and story for undergoing a HST hair transplant. Discover more before and after photos, or read about the experiences of clients who have already been treated with HST.


HST hair transplant | 1850 grafts


HST hair transplant | 1818 grafts

Beard transplantation

Male baldness can also occur on the face. Do you suffer from bald spots in your beard? Or do you prefer to make your beard and moustache look fuller? Then discover HST. Because of the minimal scarring HST is the ultimate hair transplant method for beard, mustache and / or eyebrow transplants, contrary to conventional hair transplantation methods such as FUT and FUE.

We can make it happen

When reconstructing the beard and mustache, it is very important that the hairs are implanted in the correct shape and hair growth direction. Our medical doctors and technicians are specialized in giving your hair the desired and most natural shape.


HST method | Beard hair transplant

technician Cheyenne


More about the treatment day

Personal advice regarding your hair problem?

A no-obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors is valuable for both you and us. Together we extensively discuss your personal situation, health, wishes and expectations. You will receive all information about the unique HST method and there is plenty of room to ask questions about the treatment itself.

Based on the consultation we can give you our personal medical advice, a treatment plan and a detailed financial schedule.