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A no-obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors is valuable for both you and us. Together we extensively discuss your personal situation, health, wishes and expectations. You will receive all information about the revolutionary HST technology and there is plenty of room to ask questions.

Book a free no-obligation consultation

Based on the consultation we can give you our personal medical advice, a treatment plan and a detailed financial schedule.


Online consultation

When you are not able to visit one of our clinics, you can also book a consultation online, write in the comment in the form that you would like an online consultation.

You can also contact us by telephone to schedule an appointment.
Our clinic in London can be reached on:

T.+44 (0)20 7589 4141.
E: besthair@hasci.co.uk.

Our clinics in Amsterdam or Maastricht can be reached on:

T. +31 (0) 43 601 8101.
E. besthair@hasci.com.

A safe and reliable treatment in times of COVID-19

We are happy to continue to welcome clients to our clinic in London. In principle, nothing will change in the coming period for the treatments, check-up appointments and consultations. We have, however, taken the necessary protective measures against the corona virus. In this way we can create a safe environment for both our clients and employees.

● Please, stay at home in case of flu symptoms and to contact us in time;

● Please, visit the clinic on your own;

● Please, disinfect your hands upon entering the clinic;

● Please, wear a face mask during your stay at the clinic;

● Please, keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others;

● Please, take a seat behind the plexiglass screens;

● You’ll undergo a COVID-19 test before the start of the treatment.


Our medical doctors will be happy to receive you in one of our clinics
or via an online video call.


An Educational Treatment is a high-end Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, performed by a junior specialist supervised by experienced medical doctors or technicians. In this procedure, we extract small sections of the hair follicle containing stem cells from the donor area, which we then transplant into the balding recipient area.

Reliable quality, lower price

During an educational treatment, we train new colleagues internally. By conducting continuous research, we are able to refine our HST technique even further. The aim is to make our clients even more satisfied. During the treatment, you as a client will hear the instructions intended for the trainee and a treatment will generally take longer. Depending on the type of the treatment, a two-day treatment can be chosen.


Limited Availability

This allows you as a client to book a hair transplant at a special education rate. The number of places available for an educational treatment is limited. Of course, Hair Science Clinic guarantees the highest quality and standards of care.

For more information, please inquire with our doctors or technicians.