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Hair transplantation scars and burn wounds

Typical for scar tissue is that the original hair growth no longer recovers. Thanks to the scientific HST-method it is now possible to restore hair growth on scarred skin, even if only a small number of donor hair is available.

Common types of scars are burns wounds to the head and eyebrows. Another well-known type of scar is the result of the wound on the back of the head left after a FUT hair transplant, also called the “STRIP” method.

Huge impact

Scars can have a major impact on your self-confidence. Especially when located in a visible place, shame and embarrassment are often felt. Fortunately, with its unique Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, Hair Science Clinic is one of the world’s few hair clinics to offer a permanent solution to restore hair growth on scars. Even if there is only a small donor area available.


Get a professional diagnosis

When choosing the right hair transplantation treatment for scars and burns, it is important to get a proper diagnosis from a medical doctor.


Get expert advice during a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists. Together we will discuss your personal situation, your wishes and expectations in detail. Based on this medical diagnosis we will offer you a detailed treatment plan.


The gold standard for hair transplants on scar tissue is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST). Of all the options for hair transplants the sophisticated HST method gives the best, most natural result. The harvested grafts are very small, ensuring dense hair implant and natural result that lasts a lifetime.

HST uses the power of nature by drawing on the capacity for regeneration of human stem cells. What is unique about this innovative technique is that only a small part of the hair follicle, instead of the entire follicle, is harvested from the donor area.

One follicle, multiple hairs

This is a small miracle: this regenerative capacity can result in multiple hairs from one single graft (hair follicle). The new grafts are placed closely together, which creates high hair density and a beautiful, natural-looking hairline.


schedule Hair Stem Cell transplantation

Extra boost

A special, patented preservation solution stimulates growth and increases the viability of the grafts by giving them an extra boost. This integrated approach is the basis of our sophisticated hair transplantation method which promotes the growth of hair in the receptor area and donor area. HST hardly leaves bald spots or scars on the back of the head. This way, any follow-up transplants remain possible.

Less pain

HST is a safe medical-cosmetic treatment that causes little to no discomfort. The treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic and you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. Because many patients have often had multiple physically and mentally demanding reconstructive surgeries, HST has been specially designed to be virtually painless. You can immediately go home afterwards.

Quick recovery

Due to the ultra-small dimensions the grafts attach very quickly. The blood flow is also restored within one day. On the day of the treatment we provide you tips and advice to ensure optimal recovery and the best final result. Our medical doctors and technicians use precision instruments, so little recovery time is required and the recipient and donor area heal within a week.

Dr. Coen Gho

The driving force behind Hair Science Clinic is Dr. Coen Gho. His commitment to improving the lives of patients and inherent passion for science formed the foundation for the development of the HST technique. When Gho was working with young burn patients in his early years as a doctor and researcher, he saw that hair transplantations were painful treatments that often left large scars. He believed that this needed to change.


Drs. Coen Gho

Science, driven by passion

Gho realized that the key to making a difference could be found in hair stem cells. This led to years of intense research, which resulted in a groundbreaking,  patented Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation technique, called the Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST).

Medical doctor and researcher Dr. Coen Gho has been conducting research together with universities and academic hospitals across the world and is affiliated to the International Society of Burn Injuries (ISBI).

Improved quality of life

Permanent, natural results in both the transplanted and donor area are important indicators for a successful hair transplant. Every client has its own motivation and story for undergoing a HST hair transplant procedure. Discover more before and after photos of clients who have already been treated with HST.

Before and after results on scar tissue

Result HST hair transplantation on scar tissue


Result HST hair transplantation on scar tissue


Result HST hair transplantation on scar tissue


Result HST hair transplantation on scar tissue



When reconstructing the beard and mustache, it is very important that the hairs are implanted in the correct shape and hair growth direction. Our medical doctors and technicians are specialized in giving your hair the desired and most natural shape. Because of the minimal scarring HST is the ultimate hair transplant method for beard, mustache and / or eyebrow transplants, contrary to conventional hair transplantation methods such as FUT and FUE.


Result after an HST beard hair transplant


Your eyebrows are important in defining your face. They give facial depth and expression. Reconstructing eyebrows in a natural way was not possible until recently. Fortunately, an eyebrow transplant with the revolutionary HST method offers you a permanent solution, with the most beautiful and natural result.


Result after an HST eyebrow hair transplant

Drs. Kristel van Herwijnen


Everyone deserves beautiful hair

A no-obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors is valuable for both you and us. Together we extensively discuss your personal situation, health, wishes and expectations. You will receive all information about the unique HST method and there is plenty of room to ask questions about the treatment itself.

Based on the consultation we can give you our personal medical advice, a treatment plan and a detailed financial schedule.