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About Hair Science Institute

Hair Science Institute has been the world leading centre for hair transplantation science for over 25 years. And set the foundation for its Research & Development Institute, Hair Science Academy and Hair Science Clinics located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



Patented, scientifically proven method

Hair Science Clinics use a unique, self-developed method for hair transplantation: the highly effective, patented Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) producing lifelong, natural-looking results. The science-based technique is continuously refined through in-house R&D and education.

The world leader in hair transplantation

Hair Science Clinics can be found in London (United Kingdom), Amsterdam, Maastricht (the Netherlands), Düsseldorf (Germany), Milan (Italy), Paris, Cap d ‘Antibes (France), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Jakarta, Bali (Indonesia) and Hong Kong (China).



Our international medical staff – medical doctors and technicians – is well-trained and certified at our own Hair Science Academy. All medical doctors hold a registration in the medical register with a license to practise. Our Hair Science Clinics are staffed by native specialists who speak their clients language.

Three branches

Hair Science Institute

The Research & Development department is dedicated to developing new methods of hair restoration and perfecting the HST-method. Efficiency, medical equipment and patient-friendliness are being improved continuously.


Hair Science Clinics

Our clinics offer high quality hair transplantations using the innovative HST-technique which is solely applied in official Hair Science Clinics. Medical staff (physicians and technicians) is educated and certified in our in-house Hair Science Academy.

Hair Science Academy

The Hair Science Academy’s goal is offering high quality training and education programmes. Physicians and technicians are trained, certified and regularly retrained in applying the science-based HST-method.




Feel home at our clinics

Hair Science Clinic applies the highest medical standards. We want you to feel at home in our clinic and will do anything to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We love to pamper our clients, from the first consultation until the final check-up.

Everything taken care of

During your treatment you will be in the capable hands of our medical doctors and technicians. An experienced team will take care of all other aspects regarding your hair transplantation surgery: a delicious lunch, a nice hotel, transportation, relaxation, watching Netflix from your treatment chair… all that is required to make your treatment day smooth and enjoyable. So that you leave our clinic relaxed, satisfied and happy afterwards.

Medical Doctors

Doctor Coen Gho

Dr. Coen Gho
Founder of Hair Science Institute
MD, PhD    


Technician London

Technician London

Technician London

Technician London

Prof. Dr. Neumann


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Our vision

Hair Science Clinic works according the highest medical standards. We stand for quality and professionality, while offering our sophisticated, science-based method for hair transplantation. We want to exceed expectations and see it as our personal obligation to make sure clients leave our clinics feeling happy and satisfied.

Our mission

Hair Science Institute and its Clinics are driven by improvement and innovation. Our fundamental research is carried out in collaboration with university hospitals and medical centers around the world. Together we want to set new standards in hair restoration, focussing on improving results, patient-friendliness and cost efficiency.


Constant improvement is our signature. Hair Science Clinic is absolutely committed to education, not only with training new employees, but also with keeping existing staff up to date. Medical doctors and technicians are trained, certified and regularly retrained in our own Hair Science Academy.

 Led by Coen Gho MD PhD, Head of R&D and founder of Hair Science Institute, we continuously work on optimizing and refining the HST-technique.

Hair Science Clinic


A professional diagnosis is an important first step. In a free consultation without obligations we will take time to assess your personal situation and wishes.

Based on this consultation we can give you our professional advice, a treatment plan and a detailed financial schedule.