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Hair loss

To find out whether hair transplantation is right for you, it’s important to understand what exactly hair loss is. What does hair loss actually mean? What causes hair loss? Is there a difference between male and female hair loss?

Understanding hair

Your scalp contains tens of thousands of hair follicles: small factories that produce hair. The average number of hair follicles or hair follicles on the scalp is around one hundred thousand and is genetically determined.People with blond hair typically have more hair follicles than dark-haired people. Hair follicles are coated with soft collagen, and develop in a cycle of three phases: growth, transition, and rest, when they lose their hair and go into stand-by mode. After two to twelve months the hairs become active again and the cycle starts from the beginning.


Hair loss due to androgenic alopecia


A normal hair growth cycle usually lasts two to five years and follows three phases: first the hair growth is active, then a resting period, after which the hair eventually falls out. Excessive natural hair loss occurs when the growth phase is too short. Although there are many causes and diseases that cause hair loss, androgenic alopecia is the most common cause for both men and women.


Is hair loss a disease?

During the normal ageing process, our hair becomes thinner and less dense. The influence of male hormones in both men and women plays an important role and helps to explain why very few people over the age of 75 have a full head of hair.

Our hair becomes thinner and less dense during the normal ageing process. The influence of male hormones in both men and women plays an important role and helps explain why very few people over 75 have a full head of hair. That said, male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) occurs in both men and women. When this happens at a young age, it is known as premature baldness. People who suffer from this form of hair loss are ideal candidates for hair transplantation. Since baldness can get worse over the years, we advise our younger customers to postpone treatment to ensure the best possible results. Being bald is not good for our health. Studies have shown that bald men are eight times more likely to develop skin cancer than men with a full head of hair. For that reason alone, covering  bald patches through hair transplantation can be medically beneficial. The Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Extraction method, also called the HST technique, is an innovative hair transplantation technique developed by Dr. Coen Gho . It involves extracting parts of hair follicles using very small needles (diameter 0.5 – 0.6 millimeter and length 5-6 millimeter). Research shows that only a part of the hair follicle is enough to produce one or more hairs. This is because stem cells are found in the tissue (graft) that is used for the transplantation, as well as in the tissue that is left behind. This results in new hair growth of the same quality in both the donor area and the receptor area. A unique method, partly thanks to its combination with with a specially developed and patented medium that guarantees the viability of the grafts and gives the right stimulation to grow. This medium is only available at Hair Science Institute.

Doctor Wing Yuen and Doctor Stefania Stana


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